Therapy Packages

Our BetterMind therapy packages offer structured and comprehensive services tailored to specific needs, providing a clear outline of what clients can expect from their counseling experience. 

Counselling Sessions packages

one time purchase

Start-up Package.

RM700 (3 sessions)
Valid for 2 months.

Consistency Package.

RM710 (3 sessions)
Valid for 2 months

Premium Package.

RM1800 (8 sessions)
Valid for 3 months

One Time Purchase

Student Package.

RM550 (5 sessions)
Valid for 6 months

Lower Income Groups & University Students

180Counselling Package.

RM450 (3 sessions)
Valid for 3 months.

Counselling Sessions Packages Regulations

Wellbeing Support Packages

Emotional Support Package RM130 (3 calls)

Valid for 3 months

Wellbeing Support Package Regulations

Specialised Counselling Packages


RM550 (3 Sessions)
Specifically targeting anxiety-related concerns, this package offers a structured approach to managing anxiety symptoms and provides individuals with practical tools and strategies to reduce anxiety and regain a sense of calm.

What you will get in this.


RM550 (3 Sessions)
The goal of a men's mental health therapy package is to provide comprehensive support, promote emotional well-being, and address the specific concerns and challenges faced by men in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

What you will get in this.


By addressing and improving women's self-esteem, therapy sessions empower individuals to embrace their worth, enhance their emotional well-being, build fulfilling relationships, and lead more fulfilling lives overall. They provide guidance, support, and a safe space for women to explore their self-perception, challenge limiting beliefs, and develop the necessary skills for personal growth and self-empowerment.

What you will get in this.

Specialised Counselling Package Regulations.