Meet The Team

‘Feel safe, heard and supported by our BetterMind Team’.

We are an inclusive, compassionate, and highly qualified team that specialises in working with clients with a wide range of issues, backgrounds, and cultures. Our trained clinicians achieve this by valuing the unique perspective each client brings and by being compassionate and sensitive to their needs. 

‘Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.’

Currently, I am the Clinical Director at BetterMind: Modern Psychology and Counseling, and a licensed and registered counselor who works closely with adults and adolescents in overcoming their emotional and behavioural issues through individual counselling sessions in person or online. Whether it’s managing anxiety, coping with life transitions, navigating relationships, or improving self-esteem, we collaboratively explore the underlying factors contributing to your current challenges, giving you space to process these thoughts and emotions, and work towards finding effective solutions. As you navigate through your issues, my counselling room is a space where you can feel safe, heard and supported-with the counselling space’s teddybear, Paddington, cheering you on too! Remember, life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. My therapy style is practical, solutions-oriented, client-centered, warm and present. 

I have completed my Masters of Professional Counselling from Monash University, graduating with High Distinction. I am open to work with clients of all ethnicities, orientation, and spiritual practices and the theoretical orientation I employ with my clients in counselling sessions is dependent on the clients specific needs and concerns.

Syahira Khan

Clinical Director & Licensed Counsellor

It doesn't matter how slow you go, aslong as you don't stop

Licenced Professional Counsellor

Aileen Kim

I believe that there are times when we just get overwhelmed, or need a helping hand and there is no shame in that. Coming to counselling is about taking that first step for yourself, by yourself. We all have a reason for what we do and how we feel, be it negative or positive. Most of us want to be better, to improve from where we find ourselves in life and sometimes all it takes is to know someone is there to listen and walk beside us. I welcome diversity in my clients, and offer my services to you without prejudice. 


Licenced Professional Counsellor

Tapisha Kaur

I am a licensed and registered Counsellor (LKM) and have completed my Masters in Professional Counselling from Monash University Malaysia. I also hold an undergraduate degree in Psychology, HELP University Malaysia. Currently, I provide individual therapy via online and in person to children and adults with a range of emotional issues. My therapy style is present, client-centered and practical with a cup of tea in my hand. As the saying goes, ‘A teapot shared is a problem halved’.

Our collaborative group structure allows each clinician to grow while also promoting long-standing commitment to our shared practice mission. Our team support and challenge each other to expand our perspectives and deepen our work.